Monday, October 20, 2014

That Mommy Life

I don't know how to start this post off with anything other than: I'M A MOM!!!! I sat here, staring at my computer screen, trying to think of some witty opening and nothing was coming to mind. I guess I'm pretty rusty seeing as I haven't visited this blog in 2(+) years.

Back to the task at hand: I am a new mommy! But first- let me back up a bit, my husband and I found out we were expecting back in February. February 14th to be exact... yeah, you got it. Valentine's Day, talk about coincidence! Imagine my husband's surprise when his Valentine's gift was a card (from a child) with the message inside that I was pregnant! I think that moment took first place over the day he proposed to me. His excited face will forever be etched in my mind. So the funny thing was that the very next day we were flying out to Vegas for a few days. No partying it up in Vegas for me!

Fast forward through my pregnancy, overall I'd say it was pretty good... except for the severe morning sickness that plagued me for almost 16 weeks. My husband would get so worried, asking me what he could do to make it better and really there wasn't anything he could do for me to make it better. I would tell him that I felt like I was standing on the deck of a boat that was in a hurricane while being the most hungover I've ever been in my life. There were certain things I couldn't eat, smell, and at times, think about or else I would vomit all over the place...French Onion soup (gag). Once I got over the morning sickness, I was good for a while and then the heartburn set in. I've never had heartburn before in my life so at first I had no idea what was happening to me! Why was my chest on fire? Enter the heartburn phase- unfortunately for me this phase lasted the rest of my pregnancy. There were moments when I was afraid to open my mouth- I was pretty sure I would breathe fire. Even though those times were tough, I had to think about the end result. I had inside me, a living (breathing) human being and that itself was completely mind blowing.

I have been a mommy for two weeks. Time is just flying by, my little girl is already two weeks old. That still feels strange to me, "my little girl". I find myself just staring at her and running my fingers over the soft hair on her head completely baffled that I had a hand in creating her. It's still surreal.

Justin bought her this Notre Dame hat, if it were up to him, she'd only wear Notre Dame stuff!
 The first days (week was) were tough, but I expected them to be. I'm pretty sure Justin and I got maybe 3 hours of sleep total those first few days. I actually may have gotten a little more than that, Justin was such a huge help, letting me sleep and taking care of her. It took a few days but we finally have a routine down. She eats right before bed and with a nice full belly she's asleep by 11:30pm and sleeps all through the night until about 8:00am when she wakes me up. I nurse her for 30 mins or so and she goes back to sleep until 11:30am.

Can I just say how lucky I feel? I'm pretty sure I have the most well behaved newborn in the world. I love everything about her, even when she cries and fusses she's amazing.
The hat is from the hospital, it probably fits her the best out of all of the hats we bought for her
This picture warms my heart, such a special moment 
These are my favorite moments, right after she finishes nursing she falls asleep on my chest
I can't even describe how it feels to have a child. I'm not trying to be all mushy or sappy or anything like that and I really don't mean to gush buuuuut it is what it is! I'm a mom now and my emotions have been reduced to mush. Until next time!

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