Monday, October 20, 2014

That Mommy Life

I don't know how to start this post off with anything other than: I'M A MOM!!!! I sat here, staring at my computer screen, trying to think of some witty opening and nothing was coming to mind. I guess I'm pretty rusty seeing as I haven't visited this blog in 2(+) years.

Back to the task at hand: I am a new mommy! But first- let me back up a bit, my husband and I found out we were expecting back in February. February 14th to be exact... yeah, you got it. Valentine's Day, talk about coincidence! Imagine my husband's surprise when his Valentine's gift was a card (from a child) with the message inside that I was pregnant! I think that moment took first place over the day he proposed to me. His excited face will forever be etched in my mind. So the funny thing was that the very next day we were flying out to Vegas for a few days. No partying it up in Vegas for me!

Fast forward through my pregnancy, overall I'd say it was pretty good... except for the severe morning sickness that plagued me for almost 16 weeks. My husband would get so worried, asking me what he could do to make it better and really there wasn't anything he could do for me to make it better. I would tell him that I felt like I was standing on the deck of a boat that was in a hurricane while being the most hungover I've ever been in my life. There were certain things I couldn't eat, smell, and at times, think about or else I would vomit all over the place...French Onion soup (gag). Once I got over the morning sickness, I was good for a while and then the heartburn set in. I've never had heartburn before in my life so at first I had no idea what was happening to me! Why was my chest on fire? Enter the heartburn phase- unfortunately for me this phase lasted the rest of my pregnancy. There were moments when I was afraid to open my mouth- I was pretty sure I would breathe fire. Even though those times were tough, I had to think about the end result. I had inside me, a living (breathing) human being and that itself was completely mind blowing.

I have been a mommy for two weeks. Time is just flying by, my little girl is already two weeks old. That still feels strange to me, "my little girl". I find myself just staring at her and running my fingers over the soft hair on her head completely baffled that I had a hand in creating her. It's still surreal.

Justin bought her this Notre Dame hat, if it were up to him, she'd only wear Notre Dame stuff!
 The first days (week was) were tough, but I expected them to be. I'm pretty sure Justin and I got maybe 3 hours of sleep total those first few days. I actually may have gotten a little more than that, Justin was such a huge help, letting me sleep and taking care of her. It took a few days but we finally have a routine down. She eats right before bed and with a nice full belly she's asleep by 11:30pm and sleeps all through the night until about 8:00am when she wakes me up. I nurse her for 30 mins or so and she goes back to sleep until 11:30am.

Can I just say how lucky I feel? I'm pretty sure I have the most well behaved newborn in the world. I love everything about her, even when she cries and fusses she's amazing.
The hat is from the hospital, it probably fits her the best out of all of the hats we bought for her
This picture warms my heart, such a special moment 
These are my favorite moments, right after she finishes nursing she falls asleep on my chest
I can't even describe how it feels to have a child. I'm not trying to be all mushy or sappy or anything like that and I really don't mean to gush buuuuut it is what it is! I'm a mom now and my emotions have been reduced to mush. Until next time!

Saturday, June 16, 2012


Hey guys! So in my last post I mentioned that Justin and I are buying a house! It's a four bedroom, two bath, three car garage, with a beautiful porch and fenced in backyard for our three boys! We close June 29th (Which can't come soon enough! Lately, everything about this apartment complex has been driving me insane!). And without further adieu some pictures of our house!

 Here's the front of the house

The living room with wood burning fireplace (!)

Our kitchen

The master bedroom

Master bath

Bedroom number 1

Bedroom number 2

Bedroom number 3

I couldn't find a picture of the third bedroom without everything in it this is a picture of when the family was still living there.

 The porch

Backyard 2

Check out that backyard!! The boys will be so excited I don't think they'll know what to do with themselves! They've never had a backyard before. Once we get settled and everything cleaned we really want to paint the exterior and interior! Come on June 29th!!

Friday, June 15, 2012

A New Beginning

Hey guys, sorry I've been MIA for a while. I've had some really exciting events happen since I've been gone! First of all I'm a married woman now, Second we're buying a house (more on that soon)! I married the love of my life on April 21st, 2012 on a wonderfully rainy day at 5 o'clock in the afternoon. It was supposed to be outside but since it was pouring (I mean torrential downpour!) we were lucky enough to be able to have it inside. Luckily, we did have a few moments of decent weather earlier in the day while us girls were getting our hair done!

My mom went to Publix and got lots of breakfast stuff for us! She brought the whole cart into the salon (haha!).

My maid of honor was AWESOME (and future sister-in-law as her and her honey are engaged now!!), she made sure i was relaxed... there may have been some mimosas! 

Getting my hair done! 

My wonderful stylist, Crystal, was so amazing! She did such a fabulous job! I really couldn't have asked for more.

The end product!

I really wanted a laid back, fun, flirty feel for our wedding so I decided to have the girls hair done in side buns.

We added some flowers to their hair as well

Me with two of my lovely bridesmaids, Shalee on my left and Casey on my right.

Soon to be Mrs. Roux! A lovely hanger I received as a gift from one of my Husbands Moms' friends.

Getting ready!

My Mom and MOH lacing my dress. My flower girl, Taylor, helped by holding my veil out of the way.

Almost time!

My flowers. Blue hydrangea and liiiight yellow roses.

Our cake. Chocolate cake with fudge filling, chocolate and white buttercream icing.

This was the best wedding cake I've ever had! I wish I had time for more than one piece, haha! We were so busy I'm surprised we even had time to eat!

Our first dance as Husband and Wife.

My Big Brother and I. This is one of my favorite pictures =]

Cheeeeese! Mr. and Mrs. Roux!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Happy New Year!

Hello all and Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! My Christmas was great and my New Year was nice and quiet, spent with family. I think maybe next year we'll venture out! This year is going to be very busy but that's ok because it's going to be a great one!! In 4 months I'll be married to the man of my dreams!! I couldn't be more excited that it's almost here, finally when people ask me when I'm getting married I can say THIS YEAR!!! We started our wedding planning more than a year ago so it's been a long time coming! So to bring in the new year I did a happy new year mani! Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures of it, by the time I decided I was going to blog about it, it had chipped. Here's what I used though:
First I painted the top coat with China Glaze Champagne Bubbles. I actually found this on clearance at Ulta! Next I used this awesome polish my future sister-in-law got me for Christmas!
It's Kleancolor Firework. This polish went perfectly with the champagne bubbles! It was super cute and went on really smooth (which I was surprised about since the glitter pieces are pretty large.) I didn't go crazy and slather it on my nails, I placed the glitter thinly on all my nails. This is probably why it wasn't rough after I put my top coat on. It lasted a good four days before the chipping began which I think is pretty good since I'm constantly using my hands while at work. I also got a lot of compliments on it =]

As one of my New Years Resolutions I have vowed to be more organized and to really tackle the clutter on my desk (and more importantly... keep the clutter off *cough cough*) so my first step was to find a really good organizer (I figured this would come in handy for scheduling all the appointments for the wedding too!) I found this one on Amazon for $12, there's a blog that I absolutely LOVE (it really inspired me to get more organized). Here's the organizer:
It helped that it was super cute =] and the blog is called The Nest Effect, it's full of awesome ideas! 

Tonight Fancy is taking me to a dinner party that's being thrown by the new company he works for. I'm really excited because I get to dress up!! More on that later! 

I'm off to do some more organizing! Hopefully I can get Fancy to take out the Christmas Tree this weekend. It seems no matter how many times I vacuum the dogs always seem to find some Christmas tree needles!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Long time no blog

Hello gang! Sorry for the extended absence.... there's really no excuse! I think it was mainly because my polish obsession was getting a weeeee bit out of control and I went through a period where my nails were really brittle. I had to give them a break (haha no pun intended).

I can honestly say I went a good two months or more where I didn't buy a single bottle of nail polish! I refused to look at them, I didn't go to Ross to find good deals on Colorclub...I haven't  even been to Ulta in months! It was this week that I decided it would be ok to look. I had some greeting card coupons to CVS I wanted to use that had dates that were close to expiring but the CVS I went to didn't carry the brand that my coupons covered (figures). Instead of leaving right away I wandered over to the makeup section to see if they had anything interesting on sale. I immediately saw that there were clearance stickers on some of the Sally Hansen polishes! A wooping 75% off!! I found three =]

I wish I hadn't taken the picture on my Christmas table cloth... it doesn't help that the tablecloth is red >_< oops. Anyways, these polishes normally retail for $5.49 each but I got them for $1.37 each! To top it off, I had a $3 extrabuck that I'd been hanging onto so I ended up paying $1.40 for all three!! I ended up saving $15.36! What a great deal!

The following day after I got off work I decided to take advantage of some of the sales that were going to be ending the next day. I got a pretty sweet haul for absolutely nothing!
Here's what I bought and what coupon(s) I used:
(2) Puffs - 2/$3.00 = $3.00
Used (2) coupons that made them free when you buy any 2 Vicks products.
Bottom Line: FREE!

(2) Theraflu Severe Cough and Cold - $5.39 ea. = $10.78
Used (2) Publix coupons - $2.00 off ANY theraflu
Used (2) manufacturer coupons - $2.00 off ANY theraflu
Bottom Line: $2.78 for both

(4) Carmex - $0.99 ea. = $3.96
Used (2) manufacturer coupons - $1.00 off ANY two carmex
Bottom Line: $1.96 for all 4

(4) Vicks Nyquil travel size - $1.27 ea = $5.16
Used (2) manufacturer coupons - Free Puffs wyb 2 vicks products (size was not specified on coupons)
Used (4) Publix coupons - $1.00 off ANY size Vicks product (these coupons were expired but my Publix takes expired coupons)
Bottom Line: $1.16 for all 4 plus two free puffs!

(2) Sundown vitamins Folic Acid - $3.79 ea. =  $7.58
Used (2) Publix coupons - $3.00 off Sundown vitamins
Used (1) manufacturer coupon - $3.00 off ANY 2
Bottom Line: $1.42 MONEY MAKER

(6) Sundown vitamins Papaya Enzyme - $3.99 ea. = $23.94
Used (6) Publix coupons - $3.00 off Sundown vitamins
Used (1) manufacturer coupon - $3.00 off ANY 2
Used (4) manufacturer coupons - $1.00 off ANY 1
Bottom Line: $1.06 MONEY MAKER

Before all my coupons my total was just over $50 so I was able to use:
(1) $5.00 off $30 Winn Dixie coupon
(1) $5.00 off $20 Publix coupon

For a graaaaand total oooooof   -$3.37  ^__________^

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Pleasant Surprise

Last night Fancy took my to Wiregrass Mall. I was very happy to go because I've been losing weight and my pants have started to fall down, so my plan was to find a new pair of pants! One of our stops was Sephora in JCPenney because I found a coupon online for a free sample of lip gloss from bare minerals. I've only been in Sephora once, however they didn't have any samples =( but the girl said that she could make me a sample out of anything! I decided to go with a sample of Vera Wang's new perfume called "LoveStruck". It's a very nice smell! I'm happy with my sample =) um so of course after I got my sample, I turn around and oh hello nail polish! I picked up this little beaut!
I didn't realize OPI made polish for Sephora so imagine my excitement! This one is called "Set the Mood" This I think will be my next mani (after the one I just did... more on that later)!

Our next stop at Wiregrass was American Eagle! One of my favorite stores! I found a really cute outfit!
My sweater was an extra 50% off....but.....I may have paid full price for my jeans. I bought the sweater and the jeans! Oh did I mention I've lost 13 pounds? ^___^ I brag a little because I've worked really hard! I've been watching what I eat and exercising regularly! I had an interesting conversation with one of my customers, here's how it went down:
Her: "You lose weight?"
Me: "Yes! Can you tell?"
Her: "Hmmhmm... so you not eating?"
Me: "Uh.... no I eat. I just don't eat a bunch of crap." Aaaaand then I walked away (lol).

Anyways!! I noticed that American Eagle has kind of picked up a bit of an Urban Outfitters feel (which is fine with me!). I say this because they had books, lots more jewelery, more wallets and purses.... oh uh and polish! They had this itty bitty display of teeny tiny bottle their own brand nail polish. As I stated last post, my Moulin Rouge mani didn't last long... it may have lasted longer if I hadn't chipped it at work today. >_< I have a really bad habit of picking my nail polish off once it chips. Usually I get lucky and it chips when I'm at home and I can just take it off right then. I wasn't so lucky today, I picked aaaaaaalllllllll the polish off, it was almost embarrassing how ugly my nails looked with bits of red polish still clinging on for dear life to my nail. I work with my hands a lot at work and I'm constantly handing things to people. I dropped lots of things today trying to hide my nails! Getting home I knew I HAD to do something to my nails so I decided to go with my teeny tiny bottle of polish I bought from American Eagle, on sale, for a buck!
This no name polish is AWESOME! I LOVE the color. It took two coats to be opaque. The polish went on super smooth and dried very fast.

Color wise, I would call this Mauve. Who knew mauve could be so hot? I'm thinking I'll be taking a trip to American Eagle again tomorrow to retrieve a few more colors! And maybe an extra bottle of this color! =D

Thanks for reading!! Till next time! 

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

China Glaze Moulin Rouge

Lately, I've been giving my nails a bit of a rest from polish. I was painting them a TON and I trimmed them back and just put some strengthener on them until they were finished with their recooping-ness. And now they are! I've been DYING to try my new China Glaze "Moulin Rouge" polish! Unfortunately I'm on the ropes about this one. The polsih in the bottle looks AMAZING. There's lots of different colored glitters in it.
Of course you can't see them in this picture >_< I should really just take the pictures with my actual camera instead of my phone but it's just so much more convient this way ^_^
I was sooooooooooooooo excited for this color....
uuuugggghhhhhh.... I started with Finger Paints base coat, then applied two coats of polish. It was very difficult to get even on my nails. Maybe I didn't mix it up enough but sometimes it felt almost gel-like. After two coats of polish, I topped it with TWO coats of OPI top coat and because of all the glitter I couldn't get a smooth finish. IDK, this may be one that looks better in the bottle =( Needless to say I don't think this will be staying on my nails for very long.